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Who We Are…

We are Matt & Krista, husband & wife photography duo and the couple behind Fornear Photo! If you haven’t guessed we love photography in general, everything from nature photography, wildlife photography, night sky photography, product photography but most of all we love photographing people! Wedding photography is our number one gig and we couldn’t be more proud of that. Our style is colorful, bold and fun… just like you! It’s an honor how much trust couple put into us to let us know photograph their wedding, something we have been doing as a couple since shortly after our 2008 wedding.

We just love working with people whether it’s for their Milwaukee wedding, Northwoods engagement or Eagle River family photos at the cabin they have vacationed at as a family for 40 years we love getting to know so many  wonderful individuals and being able to provide them with the gift of photography that will last them the rest of their lives.


Having lived in a few different cities like Phoenix, Chicago, and Milwaukee having settled in to be 5 Star Rated Eagle River wedding photographers listed on WeddingWire that also happen to travel all over the Midwest. We have had weddings and photo sessions from Wisconsin to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Minneapolis, Green Bay, Milwaukee, and St.Louis to just outside of Fargo North Dakota and even Las Vegas, Nevada. (We LOVE to travel if you haven’t noticed!) Since we travel so often for weddings and constantly photographing in new and exciting locations we are always adaptable and ready for the next thing. One of our favorite things is incorporating beautiful landscape photography into wedding photos, it’s awesome when we can do that!

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We have photographed rural barn weddings, craft beer weddings,

Another point of pride for both of us is that we both have Bachelor of Art degrees in Art. Now, we know many fantastic photographers that have been self-taught so by no means we are not trying to take anything away from anyone but we feel our special perspective helps our inspiration to create the perfect photo for you!

Fornear Photo’s wedding photography work has been honored to be featured on some really great websites like this Northwoods wedding in St.Germain on Wisconsin Brides, this Eagle River wedding on WeddingWire, this Madison wedding on Offbeat Bride or this Game of Thrones wedding also on Offbeat Bride.

Interested in having Fornear Photo photography your wedding, engagement, family or anything else? Please check out our photography website and fill out our Contact Us form and we will happily provide you with a custom quote no matter if you are in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, the Third Ward of Milwaukee, Wrigleyville in Chicago, under the neon in Las Vegas or the desert of Phoenix we can’t wait to get to know you today!

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