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Northwoods Summer Top 5

By on June 5, 2018

Northwoods \\ Up North \\ Summer \\ Top 5
There are countless things to do in the Northwoods now that it is summer, here are our very favorite top 5 things…


Northwoods Summer

By on June 4, 2018

Northwoods \\ Up North \\ Summertime \\ Lake Life
It’s hard to believe it’s finally June here in the Northwoods, it feels like there was ice still on the lakes last…

Lifestyle Northwoods

Pros & Cons of Living in the Northwoods

By on April 19, 2018

Northwoods \\ Up North \\ Lifestyle
Most people think about living in the Northwoods one of two ways…. awesome or awful. Having grown up in the Northwoods then having left for 15yrs…

Northwoods Photography Weddings

Northwoods Rustic Weddings

By on April 13, 2018

Rustic Wedding  \\  Northwoods Wedding \\ Getting Married Up North
We love rustic weddings, especially the ones in the Northwoods. If your family has a cabin or you have been…


Spring Vibes In the Northwoods

By on March 18, 2018

Northwoods \\ Spring Up North \\ Northern Wisconsin
Spring is an interesting time in the Northwoods, to say the least! It somewhere falls between still Winter and brown, muddy ground and…