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We live in an amazing part of this country, the Northwoods of Wisconsin! Many folks from all over Wisconsin, Illinois and the rest of the Midwest vacation in our little small town each year and we can’t help but notice why. We have countless lakes, trees and things to do! In the summer we take advantage of the comfortable days to enjoy a bike ride, sunset on the beach and a campfire at night. In the winter we might cozy up a bit but we still play outside snowshoeing and ice fishing. Every night of the year is perfect for an old-fashioned and Friday nights are meant for a fish fries at your favorite supper club.


Though our Northern Wisconsin home defiantly has more midcentury modern touches than must you will still find many rustic accents to go along with it. We love our small home and are big advocates of the small living movement. Living in the Northwoods we can appreciate a life with intent where you talk with your neighbors and you have more experiences than you do things. Oh, and of course since we live in Wisconsin no home is complete without at least 4 different kinds of cheese and several kinds of craft beer in your fridge at all times… no really!

We can’t wait to share with you the countless things that make the Northwoods the special place we like to call home … no matter where the road may take us!


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