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Meet the Kitties

By on February 1, 2018

Kitty Cat \\ Fur Children \\ Cat Lady

This is a little post about the two little furry floofs in our live, Auggie & Tuco. Wheather you love or hate cats or have fur children of your own, these are our little companions and one-day adventure cats.

We Weren’t Always Cat People…

Some quick background about us, neither of us were cat people or thought in a million years we would be. Growing up I never had cats only dogs as pets and Matt was always highly allergic (as is most of his family) So it was natural that our first pet together after we got married was a dog.

Giada was a boxer mix of sorts we adopted from the local shelter and she was the most amazing pup around. When we adopted her she was about 1 or 2yrs old and had been found scared out in the woods and very underweight with a giant head (hence her name as she resembled a certain Food Network personality that fits the same physical description in human form.) She was the sweetest dog and traveled with us from Milwaukee to all over Wisconsin, Illinois and even to Pittsburg!

Over the winter of 2013 – 2014 we noticed Giada started having a bit of a limp thinking that perhaps she slipped outside on the snow as she loved to run as fast as she could. Throughout the winter this limp became more predominant to the point she would sometime lose her balance and fall down. At this time we started to become concerned and took her to the vet for them only to reveal to us that she had an incurable spinal disease that would eventually only get worse. Basically, they gave her meds for the pain but there was nothing more that could be done. Her condition deteriorated very rapidly to where we had to carry her to do anything. As you can imagine this was very heartbreaking for us and she passed away at only the age of 7. As you can imagine this was very hard on both of us and we talked about maybe getting another dog in the future but we didn’t know when. And then out of nowhere…

Here Came A Cat…

On a Friday in August 2014 we were getting home in the dark after a Fish Fry the night before a wedding and we saw a shadow on our doorstep. We live in the Northwoods so we had to be a bit cautious as this shadow could have been any number of critters. As we got out of our vehicle and approached the door we came upon the sweetest cat. Matt immediately started sneezing but this cat was so friendly our immediate indication was that it belonged to someone.







Then We Wanted ANOTHER Cat…




Pet Lovers…

Something we are really excited about in the future as our Airstream renovations progress is to travel with our cats. We follow many great Instagram accounts that not only travel with their kitties but ones where they have become the defination of an adventure cat. This is something we honestly cannot wait to do ourselves!

Are you a pet lover? Do you like/have dogs or cats? Tell us about your four-legged members of the family in the comments below!

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