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By on February 8, 2018

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We have been talking about our Airstream Argosy a lot, which is actually pretty normal for us. From our travel hopes and dreams (our tv watching recently has consisted of a stream of YouTube National Park videos and other fun YouTubers out there) to how we together envision the look, layout, and functionality of our Airstream. We finally put to paper (or computer) some design layout ideas we have been tossing around. Keep in mind these are VERY preliminary and could very well turn out totally different!

Airstream Living & Creative Space…

Since our Airstream Argosy is a 20ft Minuet we need to get a bit creative with the layout, especially if we plan on spending significant amounts of time in it in the future (think longer than a weekend or even a week). The other thing we do not think we will change is the rear bathroom. The rear bathroom is historically the location of many vintage Airstreams. Through the years the design has shifted to have more of a master suite situation going on back there with the bathroom on one of the sides. Normally like other people, we aren’t huge fans of the rear bathroom but have since made the decision for our design needs it will need to stay in that location and we are finally ok with it.

Other musts haves on our Airstream design list include…

  • Efficient cooking area
  • Comfortable dining/workspace
  • Adding cabinets so we have as much storage as possible
  • Large bed (or as large of one as our space allows)
  • Kitty safe (think hidden kitty litter tray and custom scratch post)

Additional non-design related must-haves for functionality are…

  • Good insulation (in case we do want to use in the winter)
  • As big as fresh water, grey & black tanks as possible (so we can boondock when the time comes)
  • Thickest memory foam cushions as possible for seating/bedding. We are huge fans of the Casper beds at home and since our bed will also need to double as our dinette that option is unfortunately out.
  • Some sort of solar power in the future (again for boondocking)


Airstream | Before Photos


The Living Area…

So some of the most important things to us is being able to each still have our own “space” in this very small space if we needed it. One of us can be a night owl, the other an early bird. Our thought is to slightly separate the bed/dinette area with a small cabinet (extra storage) with a shorter bench seat. This way if one of us wants to stay up late and watch tv while the other goes to bed or the other one wants to get up early and work on the laptop while the other sleeps in, in theory, we shouldn’t have to bother the other too much.

Adventure Kitties…

Another part of the equation we have talked a lot about is traveling with our cats. We see several of our favorite travelers like Mali Mish, 188sq and Place Among the Pines travel with their cats there is no reason why we can’t too. Auggie & Tuco are our families so why wouldn’t they come with us!? We just want to make sure space is efficient for them as well as us. We have learned some people put their litter boxes in their showers and others have designated spots for theirs we are leaning toward having a designated spot under the bench seating with a little door for each access. This will (hopefully) provide for easy clean up for us as well.

Do you like where our design is going? Do you dream of travel? Tell us what you think!


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