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Hello, Matt & Krista here from Fornear Photo, as in the Northwoods wedding photographers Fornear Photo featured on Offbeat Bride and we are living A Riveting Life!

After many years of living in the hustle and bustle of Chicago and Milwaukee, we relocated to Krista’s hometown of Eagle River, a little tourist town in the heart of the Northwoods of Wisconsin to embrace a smaller living lifestyle. As much as we love tiny houses (and totally embrace it for others), that wasn’t exactly the right fit for us in this season of our lives. But because we wanted a more simple lifestyle thankfully we found a modest 720sq ft 1950’s era home with lots of midcentury charm that we love. It doesn’t hurt that there are also 40 acres of untouched woods across the street from us all on the edge of town where we can still walk or bike to if we choose. Our move to the Northwoods allowed us to find the exact type of home we were looking for and to focus on the things we love like wedding photography, saving money,  our Airstream, being outside, traveling and enjoying our time together.

About Our Airstream…

We own a 1977 Airstream Argosy Minuet. To learn more check out our Airstream story. Owning and having an Airstream blog has always been a dream of ours and a few years ago we made that dream a reality. We came up with our blog name based on not only a play on the popular Airstream hashtag #liveriveted but also because of the rivets in our Airstream Argosy and that our Northwoods lives can be rather riveting with all of our busy activities like photographing weddings, renovating the Airstream, attending craft beer festivals and traveling!

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Us along with our two very hard working assistants, our kitties Auggie and Tuco, are excited to start this travel blog about the amazing couples and families we get to spend time with while photographing Midwest weddings and engagements for Fornear Photo but many other things like our passion for craft beer, coffee, cooking, music, travel and especially our Airstream Argosy renovation. We also have a tiny bit of an obsession with anything retro and the city of Las Vegas.

Some other fun facts about each of us…

• Favorite Color: Green
• Guilty Pleasure: Thrifting
• TV Show: Better Call Saul
• Movie: Godzilla
• Album: Beck | Sea Change
• Travel Snack: Combos
• Go to Craft Brewery: Bell’s Brewery

• Favorite Color: Orange
• Guilty Pleasure: Lazy Sunday reading all day under a blanket cats in tow
• TV Show: Twin Peaks
• Movie: Troop Beverly Hills
• Album: Pink Floyd | The Division Bell
• Travel Snack: Meat Stix
• Go to Craft Brewery: Sprecher Brewery

• Named after the notorious meth dealer Tuco Salamanca from Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul
• My Look: White & orange with amber eyes
• Guilty Pleasure: Chatting with the birds

• Named after our favorite character from the HBO show The Wire, Omar Little
• My Look: Black & amber / green eyes
• Guilty Pleasure: Playing with toys

Auggie (RIP)
• Named after the month of August since Auggie showed up on our doorstep in the month of August and never left
• My Look: Grey & black with green eyes
• Guilty Pleasure: Catnip naps

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