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5 Vegas Money Saver Tips

By on January 17, 2018

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Hands up if you too are a fan of bright lights, buffets, old neon, cocktails, warm temperatures and entertainment. As you may have guessed by now we LOVE Las Vegas!

We are fortunate to visit there generally on a yearly basis, it’s a great break in the middle of the Wisconsin winter season to enjoy some fun in the sun. Now you might think we are big gamblers or big drinkers because of we such Vegas nuts but honestly, though we do like to have a good time (Fremont Street is our favorite!) we gamble next to little while its fun it’s just not our thing. There are many reasons why Las Vegas has become our go-to vacation destination but the number one reason why that we always come back it is because it’s cheap! There are few other vacations where you can get as good a deal on both flight, hotel, and eats than Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, if you aren’t careful its a very easy place to let your spending get away from you but for those of you looking to have fun while still saving money, this list of our favorite Las Vegas money saving tips are for you!

Disclosure: There may be some affiliate links below and we possibly receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. That said, we would never share or post anything we do not personally believe in.

Tip #1 to Save Money in Las Vegas: My VEGAS

You know those annoying Facebook games that your crazy aunt or a friend you never see wants you to play? Well, this is a game that is actually worth something! My VEGAS Rewards games are in conjunction with the M life Rewards program for MGM Resorts which include Las Vegas properties such as: MGM, Mandalay Bay, Excalibur, Luxor, New York New York, The Park, Aria, Bellagio, Mirage, and Circus Circus. The games in the collection are My VEGAS Slots, My KONAMI Slots, My VEGAS Blackjack and POP! Slots which all feed into the same player rewards bank. The only requirements are that you have a Facebook account but no matter your device you download the app, play from there and never touch Facebook other than to connect you with your account in the beginning and also become an M life Rewards Loyalty member upon arrival in Las Vegas at any one of the listed properties above. Signing up only takes a few moments plus the representative has to ad the reward credit to your card to be used.

Since like many Las Vegas visitors we are from the Midwest where we only get to visit Vegas once a year, which is actually pretty perfect for this game. We started playing along with some other relatives several years ago and little by little you collect coins that you can redeem for goods and services. It’s that easy. Some may tell you these games are a waste of time but we are all looking to waste a little time every day, right? I mean how easy is it to get sucked into Facebook for 15 minutes. Why not take that 15 minutes and invest in something that serves as both entertainment and something you can benefit from?

Each of the last several visits we have earned enough comps for free 1-night hotel stays, discounted hotel rooms, free lunch buffets, free drinks, free casino play and more so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise again!

Tip #2 to Save Money in Las Vegas: Get a Fridge

As you can guess one amenity most Las Vegas hotel rooms do not come with these days is a mini fridge. (Pro Tip: if you stay at The Linq all rooms have a fridge!) Something most guests do not know is that if their room does not come with one you can ask for one and it will be brought right to your room. Typically anyone can ask for one no questions asked but on the rare occasion they do, all you have to say is that you need it for a medical purpose (that might not jive with some people’s ethics but we have never been asked why we want one so we have never had to go there.)

After all of this talk about a fridge in your room, why would you want? Well because there is grocery delivery in Vegas of course! For the same price as normal groceries you can have them delivered directly to your hotel room including alcohol, yes you heard that right! What’s great is if you are a first time user of the service your delivery fee waived the first time. All you have to do is shop via the Vons website and then select your delivery time which typically is in a window of 2hr increments. So if you aren’t in a hurry and don’t mind unwinding in your room for a bit this is a great way to save money in Las Vegas on some snack, easy meals, bottles of water and your beer, wine or liquor of choice. Don’t forget the paper plates & plastic forks!

Tip #3 to Save Money in Las Vegas: Good Shoes

This might sound silly but some old fashioned walking can really save on your wallet! If you are staying on Fremont Street everything is really close and a total breeze to see and do all of your favorite things. On The Strip, walking is great too but if you are first time visitor, looks can be deceiving. That building that looks like it’s just right there might actually take you over an hour to walk to. This isn’t your fault, Las Vegas is designed to be a bit of a maze in and out of the hotels/casinos. Uber and LIFT have made grabbing a car much more affordable than cabs once were but they still aren’t free.

Tip #4 to Save Money in Las Vegas: Online Booking

There are SO many ways to book your flight or hotel stay online. This can get confusing to some but really it’s to your benefit to do your research. Hotel, especially in Las Vegas, are highly competitive for your business so ultimately this helps you the consumer get a great rate! As always keep in mind staying on weeknights is always cheaper than a weekend and if you have flexibility with travel plans it never hurts to see if there is a giant festival or convention in town that might affect your rates.

Kayak is a great tool to weed out some of the lesser services and we have had tons of success booking our stay with and even Hotwire too so make sure to compare rates on all of them. Even Groupon isn’t a bad place to look for a fantastic deal. We recently saw a very reputable Fremont Street hotel for just $11 a night!

Tip #5 to Save Money in Las Vegas: The 2 Meal Rule

Wheather you can take advantage of Tip #2 and get a mini-fridge for your room, eating only 2 meals in Las Vegas is something we have found to be quite easy. Depending upon what kind of Vegas person you are or where you are traveling from we have found that coming from the Midwest we generally a bit out of sorts with the time change our first day or two so we like to take this time to enjoy Las Vegas in the morning where its relatively quiet and calm to grab a buffet then spend most of the day walking it off until we can indulge in dinner. We may grab a snack (or a cocktail) along the way which also seems to help too. Or if you are the Vegas type heading to sleep when the sun is rising that works well also for a lunch and dinner only kind of day. For us, skipping a meal is our general rule of thumb on any vacation.

We hope these Las Vegas Money Saving Tips have helped you when planning your next trip to Vegas!

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